Activity Day provides experiential learning opportunities

Kadifa Tabakovic and Sydni Copeland
Contributing Writers

15 - 4
Sophomores Abby Botan, Abigail Stoner, Ian Weber and Mary Kimball make dog biscuits for local animal shelter. Photo by Donald Johnson

Activity Day on April 7, provided experiential opportunities for all four grade levels; each grade went out and did something different that would benefit the community in some way.

Two students who attended Webster Groves High School, Katie Loher and Natalia Torres, started Activity Day five years ago as pilot learners in the Chelsea Center, who worked for a week as volunteers and helped over 10 organizations over their summer. Volunteering gave them a powerful experience that they wanted their peers to learn and feel the joy of helping people who need it.

This year’s freshman class had a new look on its Activity Day. Every year, it has done Future Leaders, but this year it was The Amazing Race, which included indoor activities like cup stacking, reciting the national anthem, and three legged races.

“I think we learned leadership. It was fun, and I enjoyed doing community service,” Billy Cokley, freshman, said.

Sophomores had their Service Day; 30 organizations in the St. Louis area were available for the sophomores to sign up for. Some organizations included the Webster Child Care Center, Powder Valley Nature Center, and World Bird Sanctuary.

15 - 11
Finished product. Sophomores made almost 2,000 dog biscuits and peanut butter cookies. Sophomores also made about 15 blankets.

“I stayed at the school and helped run the freshman day, so I learned how to direct kids and lead them to working on their own as a unit. I’m looking forward to the Junior Special Olympics. I want to help the children and see them be happy, and get all the awards that they get,” Daniel Kennebeck, sophomore, said.

Juniors did the Special Olympics. Children from different parts of the St. Louis area came to the Webster Groves High School and were assigned buddies to work with for the whole day, doing fun activities and bonding with the children until the ending ceremony, but due to inclement weather, the Special Olympics were held indoors in Roberts Gym rather than outside at Moss Field.

“It was very inspiring, it made me want to put my best effort into everything,”  Kahari Aaten, junior, said.

This year’s senior class did Senior Day, which included senior breakfast, commencement speeches, and going to the City Museum. If someone, for some reason, chose not to go to the City Museum, they were assigned an ac lab for the day.


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