Botan Beliefs: Summer offers tourist attractions

Abby Botan
Feature Editor

One summer attraction is the St. Louis Arch downtown.

One summer attraction is the St. Louis Arch downtown. Public domain image from WikiCommons

Summer is generally seen as a time period between May, because that’s when school is out, to somewhere in the middle of August, and also the most enjoyable season.

Several attractions for summer exploration are Grant’s Farm, St. Louis Zoo and the St. Louis Arch. The St. Louis Arch is the most known attraction worldwide and local of that selection. The St. Louis arch is a huge tourist attraction. It stands out among most of the other attractions that may call others to Missouri, but as a teenager myself, I don’t think any teenager nowadays would want to visit the Arch as a summer visit. Teenagers want something that’s interesting and new; we’ve grown up visiting or hearing about the Arch, and I feel like it’d be such a time waster. It costs $7 for an adult pass to go up to the top of the Arch (16 or older) and $5 for a kids pass (3-15 years old).

“I love summer break,” Brooklyn Childs, sophomore, said about summer. “It’s super fun, and we have a lot of free time.”

Childs will visit Chicago and Kansas City over the summer. Traveling during summer break isn’t out of the ordinary for most people, but it tends to be a popular response when people are asked what they’re doing.  Even when someone says something along the lines of “not doing anything”…c’mon, I know you’re doing something.

“I’m going to a music festival in August that’s in Chicago,” Childs said. “and I’m going to the One Direction concert in Kansas City with friends in July.” The music festival is called PiqNiq held at the First Midwest Bank  Amphitheatre and officially begins on the 30th of August for all ages. The doors open at 3:00pm and the shows begin at 3:30pm. The prices range depend on where you’re going to be seated at during the festival. If you’re on the lawn your ticket is $45, the pavilion is $109.70 and the pit is $119. 80.

For some people summer means lazy time. It’s a little over three months of absolutely no responsibility in the sense of schoolwork. Let’s be real, teachers assign reading assignments over the summer, but no one really does those until a week or two before school starts. Personally, I do read books during the summer. I plan on reading the Divergent books, I’m usually a strong believer in reading the books before I watch the movie, but I didn’t stick to that rule when Divergent was released.

“I’m outside a lot in the summer. I live close to a park so my friend, and I go walking around a ton.” Childs said about any places close to home that make it easy to stay active in the summer.

Staying active in summer is a lot easier than staying active while in school. While you’re in school – especially in high school – it’s harder to do things during the week, but in summer you have days and weeks and months to do whatever you please, and it’s easier to plan and do things outside such as walking around the park or bike riding. If you’re not close to any trails then the sidewalk should be your trail.

School ends on the May 21.

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