Prom: He says, She says

Ashli Wagner, Perrin Habecker, Jeremiah Stutte
Contributing Writers

  • Women:
    “The last shabang with your classmates, a night to never forget.”
    “A time to have fun with the people you’ve gone to school with for the last time before you graduate.”
    “Our last chance to dance with our friends and close out senior year.”
    “Spending time with people before we never see each other again.”
    “Fun with all my friends.”
    “It’s a special tradition that helps signify the end of senior year.”
    “Fun time to celebrate accomplishing high school with friends and entire class.”
    “A dance that is traditional with sequin dresses and bad music.”
    “A fun night to celebrate the end of high school.”
    “The best night of my life.”


  • Men:
    “I’m going to be a princess.”
    “It’s just another dance.”
    “A noun meaning formal dance, especially held by a class in high school or college at the end of the year.”
    “Not much.”
    “Morp backwards.”
    “Its just a dance.”
    “I’m almost done with high school.”
    “A fun time.”
    “It’s a once in a lifetime thing.”

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