SAA talent show provide stage for student performers

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Photos by Bret Waelterman

Bret Waelterman
Graphics Editor

Students for Awareness and Action talent show was on March 25, giving students the opportunity to express their talents with the rest of the school.

Auditions were on March 10 and 12, after school. About 25 students attended the auditions, performing talents like singing, dancing, rapping and acting.

Junior Aubry Rodriguez played her original song, entitled “Hey Boy.”

“I wanted to write a upbeat catchy song because I write a lot of slow songs, so I wanted to change it up,” Rodriguez said.  “It only took me about 45 minutes to create it, and I think everyone will enjoy it.”

Rodriguez has played guitar for 11 years, and her father, Johnny Rodriguez, got her involved in the art. He was a music artist in the late 1970s and early 80s.

“I played for the preschool, and I do gigs in Kirkwood and Maplewood. Mr. (Todd) Schaefer asked me to perform, so I told him I would.” said Rodriguez.

Senior Nia Walker danced in the show to “Warm Waters Snakehits Remix” by Banks: a contemporary dance mixed with jazz. She danced in the talent show last year as well.

“It is my last year, and I wanted to do something fun,” Walker said. “I am looking forward to everyone having fun and dancing for WGHS.

Walker has been dancing for 10 years and plans to attend SeMo or South University for dancing.
Ticket were $7 for adults and $5 for students. All proceeds will help the drama department.

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