One Direction tour to feature music from ‘Four’

Abby Botan
Contributing Writer

One Directions "Four" was released Nov. 17, and sold 387,000 copies its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Photo from
One Directions “Four” was released Nov. 17, and sold 387,000 copies its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Photo from

One Direction began its new world tour On The Road Again on Feb. 7, in Allianz Stadium, Sydney and will come to  Kansas City on July 28, at the Arrowhead Stadium.  The tour will feature songs from its previous albums, but specifically “FOUR,” which is exquisite.

FOUR” is currently #19 on the Hot Billboard 200.

One Direction has tried and tossed a ton of different sounds of music leading up to its fourth album, “FOUR.” Compared to its first album: “Up All Night,” second album: “Take Me Home,” third album: “Midnight Memories,” “FOUR” is by far One Direction’s best work.

FOUR” is such a game changer in the band’s career. It’s  gone from a new band on the block to every teen girl’s obsession in a span of only four years, and now it’s released such a mature and bold album. The first single, “Steal My Girl,” has more of a pop-bubblegum tone to it, but when the entire album was released, the album was exquisitely mature…no one was prepared.

“18” the fourth track on the album is definitely the best song on the album. It’s clear that Ed Sheeran wrote it due to the deep and clever lyrics, for example, “So kiss me where I lay down, my hands press to your cheeks, a long way from the playground,”  but the way One Direction sings it…breathtaking. The band’s harmonies and gentle tone make the song even more the better.  The song starts off with the gentle strum of a guitar before falling head first with Harry Styles’ soft yet raspy vocals. Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne’s voices mold perfectly together during each stroke of the guitar and each key of the piano; it’s amazing. When listening to “18,” its like being apart of an amazing story: a boy who’s laying out his heart about how much he has loved a girl ever since they were 18.

“Fireproof,” the ninth track, wasn’t impressive. It begins with a subtle instrumental, and then the listener is engulfed into a slow, a bit boring song. Maybe it was that the song was one of the slowest songs on the album, who knows, but “Fireproof” wouldn’t be one of the listeners favorites if he/her doesn’t like the slow, classical sound. Still, if the listener is into that, then this is the song for them. However, the lyrics were excellently written and sung, every time one of the boybanders is singing his solo there are those hushed falsettos taking over the background. Keeping that in mind, the instrumental took over each and everyone of its voices and completely  ruined it. “Fireproof,” isn’t one of the best one “FOUR,”, sadly.

FOUR” is remarkably one of the best albums in One Direction’s career thus far. The boy band is defying odds by making a fourth album, and it is currently working on their fifth. One Direction have made such a statement with “FOUR” that’s saying: We are here to stay. One Direction is here to stay.

FOUR,” released by Syco Music and Columbia Records, is currently on shelves in Best Buy and any retail store. “FOUR” is $13.99, and the deluxe album is selling for $25.99. “On the Road Again” tickets are selling online.







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