Classrooms use more technology

De’Andre Scott
Circulation Manager

Sophomore Ben Hardin begins his class work using computers in the library during first lunch, Jan. 21. Photo by De'Andre Scott
Sophomore Ben Hardin begins his class work using computers in the library during first lunch, Jan. 21. Photo by De’Andre Scott

Technology is becoming a more valuable resource as more classes offered revolve around the use of it; for example, showing students how to use technology to create art.

Dan Broshears, Technology Learning Center head, said how a class uses technology “depends on the teacher. Every classroom has a Smart Board. It matters how the teacher wants to use it. Science has many things like laptops, desktops, microscopes and sensors.”

Students taking Physics classes are beginning to use it more. Dr. David Schuster said the reason was because when he first got here all the technology for the physics department was from the ‘90s, and when he started teaching AP Physics in 2010, Schuster incorporated more technology into the class because “It’s a lot hard to measure vectors with meter sticks,” said Schuster.

The physics department uses a special program called “Logger Pro” to get a more accurate reading.

Senior Ben Killeen said, “Technology allows students to get precise significant figures. We have sensors and laser pulleys to measure viscosity.”

Killeen is in a science independent study class learning about electromagnetism.

Sophomore Ben Hardin said, “Well, I video edit and use a program at the school, and I have the same one on my computer at home.”

Hardin has been video editing for two years now. “The technology here is nothing, just there. I don’t really even notice it.”
Phil Wojak, physics teacher, said, “When I first started teaching, students didn’t have calculators. We didn’t have Smart Boards. We had to use a slide rules.”

“The students are very good. The computers make things easier, but I like to do an experiment where we have computers versus the kids and see who which wins,” Wojak said.

“Technology has made things much easier,” 20th Century History teacher Scott Stallcup said.

“The closest thing we had was electric typewriters, and they didn’t save your work. If you didn’t finish, then that was it,” Stallcup said.

Other programs and websites that are being used include Khan Academy.

Khan Academy is a website offers practice exercises, instructional videos and a personalized learning dashboard. Khan Academy has more than just physics to offer. It can be used for English, math and history, and other things are still being included. It offers all this for grades kindergarten to college preparation.

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