Students discuss Valentine’s Day stereotypes

Aerin Johnson
Editor in Chief

Valentine’s Day is typically thought of as a day for spending time with loved ones. At WGHS, students think of it pretty much the same way.

The stereotypical Valentine’s Day date as thought by several students at the high school is going with a significant other out to dinner and a movie.

Senior Tiffany Nguyen agreed with this and said people give flowers and chocolates. She doesn’t think that this is always what happens though.

“Everyone else kind of just chills at home with each other, watches Netflix, doesn’t really do anything fancy,” Nguyen said.
Other students, like sophomores Genevieve Vaughn and Julia Huelsman hang out with their friends on Valentine’s Day. Vaughn and her friends go to movies, while Huelsman stays home and watches videos on her couch with her friends.

“My parents, they go out to eat and get each other presents,” Vaughn said about Valentine’s Day with her family. “In my family we get each other presents.

Other people stay home on Valentine’s Day.

“Since I’m a single guy, I watch Netflix, I eat a lot of food, but if I have a significant someone, and they’re free, I’ll be like, ‘Hey, you want to go somewhere? I don’t know where, but let’s go do something,’” junior Nick Suber said.

Nguyen said, “This Valentine’s Day I’m going out, but other Valentine’s Days, I would be at home with Netflix and chocolate by myself.”

However, some with significant others on Valentine’s Day go out to dinner and also hang around the house. Senior Aron Tolin is one such person.

Tolin said, “I normally just go out to dinner (with my girlfriend) and hang out at my house and exchange our presents, which are normally poems that we write for each other.”


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