Students sign up new year with new classes

Java Teacher Mark Young tests out on Unity one of the games he is preparing for next year’s Game Design class.
Java Teacher Mark Young tests out on Unity one of the games he is preparing for next year’s Game Design class.

Willie Zempel
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“The best things always happen after we leave” is the classic line seniors use whenever they hear something good is happening the year after they leave. After hearing new courses offered for next year, they may be muttering that line time and time again.
A possible four new classes are available for next year’s students. Students can now take the required personal finance credit with accounting, which is similar to how students can take it currently with Marketing 1. There is also going to be an Honors U.S. Government class, so students can take the required course and get a weighted grade. The other completely new class is Game Design and C#, according to assistant principal Angela Thompson. Renewable Energies and Conservation is also a new option if enough students sign up.
To find all the classes that students can take, click here. Students can also talk to counselors to find out all the options they have.
Thompson said, “Students have always been encouraged to ask their teachers about new and exciting courses at the high school. WGHS students are fortunate to have so many courses available to them and creative teachers who are always looking for more.”

Game Design and C#

One new class students can take next year is how to create games for the computer.
The course description says students will be introduced to the C# language; examine interfaces, exceptions, file access and random numbers; learn how to gather user input using DirectX; learn to draw custom game characters using Adobe Illustrator; and learn to build 2D games using the Unity game engine.
The class will be taught by Java teacher Mark Young. He said he is incredibly excited for this class, and it is a huge step for the technology department.
“We’ve offered Progressions with Java for 10 years, and as time went on, we learned there’s a bigger demand for programming,” Young said.
The only prerequisite is a “C” or better in Algebra 1, and students can get dual credit through Missouri State if they’re interested in this type of career.
Current Java student junior Cross Vitale, who plans on taking Game Design and C# next year, said, “I live and breathe video games, so this is a class where I can put my skill to use.”
Young said everyone is invited to the class, but there is especially a shortfall for female programmers. Female programmers would have an easier time finding a career in this field as they bring different perspectives and diversity for programs, games and applications.
“I invite all students to take this class, but it’s not for everybody. If your only interest is playing games, you’re taking the completely wrong course. You need to know how create games, not play them. This involves having strong math skills and being good at illustrating,” Young said.
Young said if the course is successful, the school will consider making an advanced Game Design class which will go more in-depth and make 3D games.

Renewable Energies and Conservation

Students who are looking to go green should take a gander at this new course.
Renewable Energies and Conservation, which would be taught by math teacher Glenn Dutch, is an option to sign up for next year.
It is a science class which focuses on clean and renewable energy and ways for people to help conserve the planet and its resources.
This class was an option last year, but not enough students signed up. The class may face the same fate as last year.
If any students think they may want to take this class, they should let either Dutch or the counselor’s office know, so they can have an accurate count if there are enough students to take it.



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