AP classes challenge, prepare students

Willie Zempel
Feature Editor

Juniors Haley Tritschler, Dean Krueger and Hannah Fettig work on a physics lab before school on Dec. 12.
Juniors Haley Tritschler, Dean Krueger and Hannah Fettig work on a physics lab before school on Dec. 12.

On Fridays, after school, the classrooms are empty; the library is quiet. Most students leave class directly after seventh hour, but not AP Physics teacher David Schuster’s class. Over an hour after school, around 20 students were working on physics labs.

A recent survey suggested that students believe AP Physics is the hardest class in the school.

“I believe we need to challenge students more. I have a desire to make my classes difficult because we need more challenge in this high school,” Schuster said.

With finals approaching, students begin to prepare for their exams. Some have to prepare and study much more than others because their classes are harder.
Taking difficult classes will get students an honors grade. Any class that has an AP or and honors next to its class name gets a weighted GPA, so if students get an A in an AP class, they will get a 4.5 GPA rather than a 4.00.

“When I graduated from this fine high school, I was ill-prepared for the rigors of college, and I even started to question who I was. I breezed through high school, but when I got through the pressure of college, I considered dropping out. I was around others who knew how to control themselves and had good time-management skills while I didn’t. I feel very passionately that Webster students should acquire these skills to prepare them for the rest of their life,” Schuster said.

AP Physics senior David Rapp said, “It’s a challenging class, but it’s also fun. It teaches you to solve problems and concepts which are the hardest parts. I would encourage people to take it, but (they need to) be ready for a new level of self-discipline.”

Junior Tanner Dunlap, who is currently taking Honors US Studies, said “Harder classes have definitely helped me with my time management and preparing me for college. In the block class, you must really make sure you do all your homework on top of the projects. It’s one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken.”

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