Webster embraces different traditions

DeAndre Scott
Circulation Manager

Three Santas run the Santas on the Loose 5K run through Webster neighborhoods on Dec. 6. The event began at 8 a.m. and is a three-year old tradition.

Webster Groves enjoys holidays in different ways, from celebrating Christmas to Kwanza.

Senior Reilly Thompson said, “It’s weird for me. My parents are divorced, so sometimes I’m in Missouri for Christmas, and sometimes I’m in Texas for Christmas. It’s fun because I see all of my family from both sides.”

Latin teacher Jeff Smith said, “I cook a lot more, a lot of cooking and eating. The wife shops, and in a few days the kids turn the house into a toy room.”

Senior Aron Tolin, who is Jewish, described his holidays, “Well, first up this year is Chanukah. For Chanukah, I light the candles every night and say the prayers. Even though there are eight nights of Chanukah, I only get a present the first or final night.”

Tolin also views Christmas a little differently.

“After that, I celebrate Christmas with the other side of my family because I don’t see it as a religious holiday anymore. It’s just a time to be together with family. We just go down to my grandparents’ farm and have Christmas dinner and just hang out as a family.”

Junior Travis Williams celebrates New Year’s by playing an annual game of Risk, he said. “I go over to a friend’s house, and we play a big game of Risk and bang pots at midnight.”

Other Webster Groves traditions include the “Webster Cookie Walk, where people go and sample different holiday cookies from all around. The walk was Dec. 13, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in Old Webster.

Also the more athletically minded brought in the season with the Santas on the Loose 5K run on Dec. 6. Participants wear Santa hats and beards or other holiday garb as they run through Webster Groves neighborhoods.

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