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Jack Killeen
Junior Editor

2 cars bw
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2 Cars
Official ECHO rating: ****

“2 Cars” challenges the player to use both hands to navigate two cars as they travel down a four-lane track (two lanes for each car), avoiding blocks and collecting every circle. Aggravating at first, it becomes increasingly fun the more it is played and the better the user gets.
Junior Jackson Berger said, “It’s a very challenging game. It angers the player very quickly, and you have to pay attention to what lies ahead on the road, just like life.”
Some other games from the makers of “2 Cars” include “The Tower,” “2048,” “Stick Hero” and “Amazing Thief.”

group me bw
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Official ECHO rating: ****½

A great way to stay connected with a more personal group of people, “Group Me” brings practicality and social media into one free place.
“Group Me” creates a bridge between the once wide trench that separated IPhone and Android users in mass communication.
From a chat with friends to your English class, “Group Me” makes texting easy. Users can not only send worded text messages, but also gifs, photos, and videos using a search engine within the app.

throw the ball bwgood
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Worst Choice: Throw the Ball
Official ECHO rating: ***

A straight track unfolds in front of the player, white lines running down both sides. With a stroke of the finger, the red ball flies up the screen, either stopped by friction or flying out of bounds.
“Throw the Ball” is a beautifully simplistic game. There is no definite landmark objective in this game; the player’s only goal is to flick the ball farther than before.
“Throw the Ball” makes players feel hopeless. After putting in the hard work necessary to achieve a new high score, players find that are expected to do even better. Users are digging their own graves for failure, raising the bar of success over and over again until it cannot be surpassed. In order to escape this never-ending cycle, the ECHO recommends its readers delete this app before they major in philosophy.

trivia crack bw
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Trivia Crack
Official ECHO rating: **** ½

“Trivia Crack” is fun and challenges the user’s overall knowledge at the same time. It starts with a challenge to or from other players, and then, taking turns, the players answer trivia questions from categories like History, Art, Sports, Science, Entertainment and Geography.
One of Webster’s “Trivia Crack” enthusiasts is senior Charlie DeYoung. His greatest achievements are having a three consecutive win streak of 6-0 against senior Wesley Wride, junior Chris Drier and senior Katie Flood, and answering 25 questions correctly in a row.
“I like trivia questions and how I’m better than most people. If you think you’re good, challenge me @charlie.deyoung.3,” DeYoung said.

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