Contestants strive to become next Mr. Webster

Update: Congratulations to this year’s Mr. Webster, Wes Wride!
The contestants of Mr. Webster pose during one of their photo shoots. (Photo from Nordmann Photography)
The contestants of Mr. Webster pose during one of their photo shoots. (Photo from Nordmann Photography)

Willie Zempel
Feature Editor

DECA’s third annual Mr. Webster Pageant takes place on Dec. 4, at 7 p.m. and features seniors trying to impress judges and woo the audience. The price of the event will be $5 for pre-order and $7 at the door.

DECA chose 12 seniors. “When choosing contestants, we tried to bring in a good diversity of talents and people. We had over 25 people apply, and we had to make some tough decisions. We based our decisions off of applications and interviews and what groups of the school we would bring in. I think we made good selections,” senior director Natalie O’Loughlin said.

Contestants will compete for the honor of becoming Mr. Webster and getting a free tuxedo for prom.

The event is similar to recent years. Each contestant gets his own promotional video of whatever he feels will help him win. The videos are being shot and edited by sophomore Shane Dioneda and can be seen on the YouTube channel, “MrWebster2014.”

“We’re trying to expand Mr. Webster. It is a well-known event now. We’re working to make the videos as professional as possible this year. We even have the mayor in one of our videos,” O’Loughlin said.

In past years, there was a beach theme for the modeling portion, but it was changed this year to a superhero theme. The dance at the start will be a Justin Timberlake mix.

DECA runs the event to fund its New York trip in the spring. Mr. Webster is organized by seniors Sam Craig, O’Loughlin, Olivia Rosemann, Alexis Burke and Alex Martin.

There will also be the calendars this year, featuring each contestant on his own month. The calendars will cost $15.

We asked each contestant their talent and why they should become the next Mr. Webster.

Name Talent Why I should win
Jordan Shumate Super ultimate advanced hand-eye coordination I can’t win anything else.
Alex “Chicken” Ring Step Club Routine I want the $1,000 cash prize.***ECHO NOTE: There is no cash prize.
Ben Hogg Playing theme songs on sax to skits I’m in it for the ladies.
Joge Shimotani Kendo match with my father To help show Webster’s diversity.
Rob Thompson Super long intricate handshake I’m the guy for the job.
Alex Floresca Crazy painting Everybody loves AFlo.
Luke Eberhard Shredding I rigged the voting system.
Wes Wride Singing and piano I not only look good in men’s clothes but women’s clothes as well.
Cam Hilton Napoleon Dynamite Dance I represent Webster as a leader, student and athlete. I’m a good role model for younger students.
Oliver Osburn Bass duet with senior Tilton Yokley If you ain’t first, you’re last.
Garret Doria Duet with senior Sophie Sears I need a new last name.
Austin Freeman Miming I have a nice smile.

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