Letter to the Editor: Reader accuses ECHO of censorship*

If you look on the bottom right of page two, you’ll notice something you probably never bothered to read.  I’ll repeat it here for those who are too enthralled by my writing to avert their eyes. “The ECHO has the right to edit letters for publication as long as intent remains unchanged”

Allow yourself a minute for that freedom-crushing phrase to sink in.  The ECHO can literally do anything they want to anything you say.  Even now, your gasps of shock may be warped by their machinations.

You may protest that the ECHO is unwilling to alter “intent”.  This may be true, but this is a slippery slope WGHS is descending. Today the ECHO removes typos and swear words, tomorrow Feature Editor Willy Zemple will be voted Dictator-for-Life of a totalitarian state encompassing the school and its environs.

Students of Webster, this is a clear violation of the 1st amendment. Or the fifth. I failed US gov. In any case, they might as well have walked up to the constitution and spit on it.  Or is it spat?  Not great at English either.

The ECHO will edit out any opposition to their new order, which kind of makes me wonder why I sent this to them.  Come to think of it, by the time you read this, it may be a fascist essay praising the values of censorship.

Act fast, Webster.  Express your American right to freedom and justice and liberty and equality and guns and a fair trial and soldier-free homes, all at the same time if necessary.

However, in light of the Ferguson crisis, I would discourage overturning desks and lobbing molotov cocktails into the journalism room.  Respectfully worded letters may be address to wgecho@wgmail.org.  Go quickly, before the ECHO’s plot descends like a miasma around our country.

It’s fate may rest in your hands.

(The writer of this piece would like his or her name to remain anonymous, lest the ECHO send a secret police squad to eliminate him or her.)

*Editor’s Note: the ECHO has made no edits or changes to this letter.

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