Play reveals ways to surive zombie apocalpypse

De’Andre Scott
Circulation Editor

“Ten ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” by Don Zolidis will be performed in the Little Theater on Nov. 20, 21 and 22.  Tickets are $5.

This is the drama department’s second time doing a play by Zolidis.  The first was back in the 2012-13 season when it produced “The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza.”

“Zombies,” for which rehearsals began Oct. 22, is not a part of the regular show season, unlike the upcoming January play “Fences” by August Wilson.

Cast members of “10 ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” will display their talents on Nov. 20-22.


The play goes through 10 ways to survie the zombie apocalypse with each cast member playing a new person in a different way.

Senior Reilly Thompson said her favorite part is “the one scene where you have to romance the zombies.”

Having a cast of 15, there are five zombies, eight survivalists and two narrators accounting the scenarios from start to finish. It is directed by drama/tech. theater teacher Todd Schaefer, student director senior Jonah Schnell and stage manager sophomore Maggie Pool. The zombie characters are played by seniors Aerin Johnson and Allison O’Brien, sophomores Loren Kahrhoff and Jake Shuett and freshman Connor Hanneken.

The survivalists are played by seniors Thomas Maisel, Sarah Addison, Reilly Thompson, Courtney DeGroot,  Jeremy Spriggs and Robert Drexel, juniors Kate Arendes and Goldie Raznick, sophomores Emma Dowling, Miles Umbaugh and Ben Hardin, and freshmen Marie Bordmeier,  Thomas Putnam and Elliot Williams.

Schaefer worked hard to produce the play at no cost, but ended up spending $250.

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