6th Graders go to Wyman

Bret Waelterman
graphics/video editor

Camp Wyman will be the last three weeks of October this year after last year’s was cancelled due to the switch from fifth grade to sixth grade participants.

Camp Wyman is a week-long camp that seniors and juniors are allowed to go on as mentors. This will help the students get all their “A+” hours for the “A+ program.” The camp is located near Six’s Flags.

The reason the year was changed from fifth graders to sixth graders was because “the sixth grade will get a more valuable educational experience. They are a year older, more mature, and all of the sixth graders are in one building together for the first time in their educational career,” said Cliff Ice, assistant activities director.

“The camp consists of rock climbing wall, many trails through the woods for orienteering and many more different activities such as making your own soap and team building,” said Ice, “The science curriculum is heavily represented.”

“About 45 boys and girls from the high school help as mentors at Camp Wyman,” Ice said. “The students will leave Monday for training at camp Wyman, and the sixth graders come Tuesday through Friday.


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