1st time orchestra ensemble scores a ‘1’ at State competition

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Andy Kimball
Opinion Columnist

For the first time, Webster has sent a strings quartet to compete at State, and that quartet earned the highest rating possible.

Sophomore Roschan Rao, freshman Abigail Finnegan, junior Devin Allen and sophomore Sara Thomas were in an Orchestra Ensemble that scored the “1” at the State competition at the University of Missouri at Columbia on May 1-3.

The ensemble started by receiving a “1” or an exemplary score at districts at Parkway Central High School and then advanced to the State round on March 8.

Finnegan said, “It was very unique and I’m glad I did it. It’s really fun to play music with people that you’re close to and are also very talented.”

Rao said, “I thought it was a really good experience and we put in a lot of hours and worked very hard.”

Finnegan added, “It was a lot of hard work. You have to be extremely dedicated and know your goals. Going to State and getting a one was a big confidence booster for us…we put in a lot of work when we found out that we were going to State. We had a couple of sessions with a professional and practiced multiple times a week for over three hours.”

Rao added, “I think by being successful, we promote the orchestra, and I think it helped with our education (in orchestra).”

Finnegan said, “I think being the first quartet from Webster to make it to State really sets the bar high. It feels good.”

Orchestra teacher Leah Poe said the performance would be positive for the future of the orchestra program. “I think it would encourage everyone else to complete and preserve in their practice efforts.”

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