Legislature considers legalizing marijuana

Aerin Johnson

Public domain photo from Wikimedia Commons Representative Chris Kelly-D has proposed a bill to make possession and sale of marijuana legal in Missouri.

Representative Chris Kelly-D has proposed a bill to make possession and sale of marijuana legal in Missouri. (Public domain photo from Wikimedia Commons)

Missouri legislature is considering House Bill 1659 concerning the legalization of the drug marijuana.

Representative Chris Kelly-D introduced the bill on Jan. 29. The bill would make marijuana legal for anyone 21 and over, the same as alcohol. There would also be a 25 percent tax on the sale of marijuana. The bill also states one retailer per 2,500 people will be permitted.

“It would not allow seizures of property (marijuana),” said Representative Jeanne Kirkton-D. The bill does prohibit the export and import of the drug and the selling of it near or on school property.

It gives a license to those who use, sell and distribute marijuana. Anyone who does not have a license can only have limited amounts in his/her possession.

It protects doctors who prescribe marijuana for patients against any disciplines. It also has a section on erasing the records of people who had a felony dealing with marijuana.

“I think it’s too early to tell (how it will effect Webster Groves),” John Raimondo, assistant principal, said.

Raimondo said the use of any drug is not a good idea and is not the way to relieve stress or to have a good time. If a student needs to deal with something they should talk to their friends, family or counselor Raimondo believes.

“I think once it’s (marijuana) legalized it’s going to become the new norm,” Kirkton said. She has mixed feelings on the bill. She said that it will send a message to children that this is okay. She predicts the drug will be on a similar scale of tobacco and alcohol.

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