Adams, Lawrence give audiences drama

Aerin Johnson

“American Hustle” has made $144,130,00 in American theaters between Dec. 20, and Feb. 21. Photo from
“American Hustle” has made $144,130,00 in American theaters between Dec. 20, and Feb. 21.
Photo from

“American Hustle” has made $144,130,00 in American theaters between Dec. 20, and Feb. 21.

“American Hustle” was nominated for 91 awards, according to, and deservedly has won 44 of them.

“American Hustle” begins with Irving Rosenfield (Christian Bale), a con-man, fixing his hair before meeting with his partner Sydney Porter (Amy Adams) and FBI Agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper). DiMaso is blackmailing the two con artists into helping him reveal a political scandal that would rock New Jersey.

Truly, this is a movie worth seeing, though maybe not just yet for younger high school viewers. There are some scenes that are made for adult audiences, and throughout the movie the characters use rather colorful language.

The emotions the actors also put into this movie, especially Adams and Jennifer Lawrence who plays Rosalyn Rosenfield, Irving’s wife, are what pull the movie together and keep viewers watching until the very end.

Adams shows how jealous women can play on the emotions of love quite easily when Sydney tells Irving about Rosalyn cheating on him.

Lawrence often was able to play things up a little like when her character was talking to Irving about their son and how she would take him away if Irving ever let her. She also shows a hidden emotion of unhappiness when she talks to Adams in the bathroom about Sydney and Irving.

Companies that helped to produce “American Hustle” Atlas Entertainment and Annapurna Pictures, remade their logos at the beginning of the movie into a more 70s style.

Columbia Pictures, who also helped to produce the movie, used the actual logo the company used in the 1970s. These credits help to give the audience a real feel for what they are about to watch.

The movie is based off a real life FBI sting operation called Abscam. The operation was originally to investigate theft, forgery and stolen art through a fake company Abdul Enterprises, ltd. The “company” was going to invest in Casinos.

The investigation took a turn to the political when Mayor Angelo Errichetti said he would give the company access to  Atlantic City for monetary kick-backs, according to Wikipedia.

This is movie is rated R and runs two hours-and-18 minutes.

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