Editorial: Athletes should get credit

After constant hours of work after school each day, athletes can sometimes get home around 6 p.m.

At home, they have to eat dinner, do homework, spend a few hours on the Internet pretending to do homework and get a recommended eight hours of sleep each night.

The point is that athletes are busy. They are not only busy in their everyday schedule, but also in their school schedule.

Many students take orchestra, band, choir, art, foreign languages and other classes which take up a lot of time in the schedule. Electives become limited, so pointless required classes like physical education can take up important schedule space.

Why should athletes have to endure gym class when they probably get considerably more activity taking a sport? It’s not that going hard playing dodge ball during the school day isn’t fun, it just isn’t a priority.

School Core Data director Tom Ogle said,” Courses devoted to conditioning for interscholastic sports or practicing for interscholastic sports may not be counted toward meeting the minimum requirement.”

The Missouri Graduation handbook says to earn credit, one must focus on the knowledge of physical activity.

By this reasoning, gym contains knowledge on how to live an active lifestyle that sports don’t. We’re sure that the online gym class gets students more active than actually going out and being active playing a sport.

Sports should be given a pass/fail grade and .5 credits after two seasons. Then the coach would determine the athlete’s participation, so a student couldn’t go to cross country for a week and get credit for just that.

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