Hallway traffic would benefit from student consideration

Socializing students contribute to hallway congestion. (Photo by hallway security camera)

Socializing students contribute to hallway congestion. (Photo by hallway security camera)

“Everybody is stupid in the halls, they just stand there and they will block the entire hall.” These are the angry thoughts of junior Amber Schaffner about the hallway situation.

It is apparent that the students at Webster lack the skills needed to walk down a hallway in a peaceful and orderly manner. The classic hallway includes two walking streams, one on the left and one on the right. This does not include a place in the middle to stand and clog the hallways.

We have measured the hallway to be on average 5 feet 10 inches. Four random students in my journalism class measured out to be 18.5 inches wide. That means in two steady streams of students should only take up 37 inches out of the allotted 70 inches given by the hallway space. Mathematically these halls allow for two directions of children to be walking but do not allow for a group of people to stand in the middle.

Students should not worry too much about this; the key is to be aware. Students need to do their socializing, at lockers instead of at the intersections of the halls. Think about it like this, what if cars would stop in the middle of the intersection? Traffic would be stopped in seconds. Instead cars do their slowing and stopping off to the shoulder. Those basic traffic rules need to be practiced here.

The occasional flirt with another student at their locker is fine, but when those acts are brought to the middle of the hallway, school life cannot function properly.

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