Staff thinks love overrated

Emotion, desire, a flaw, what is love? People will travel miles for the feeling, but their endeavors can be for nothing. Our culture today is too focused on love and not enough on more pressing matters.

A totally worthless emotion, it’s surprising love has not disintegrated due to evolution.

With February comes the most overrated holiday ever, Valentine’s Day. It’s a day of unnecessary emotions and extremely expensive flowers that will die in less than a week. The only good thing that comes out of Valentine’s Day is unsold discounted candy the day after the world’s sappiest holiday.

Movies portray love as an emotion that can move mountains, but movies lie. Love is just being really fond of someone, and that’s average.

The Greek philosopher Plato, teacher of Aristotle, who was the teacher of Alexander the Great, said, “Love is a grave mental disease.” Obviously Plato is well informed; he was one of the Greek’s greatest philosophers. Love invades the brain and attacks the heart leaving the body completely vulnerable. People who “fall in love” are simply sick and in need of a therapist.

Since the beginning of time, man has desired a significant other. It was okay back then because love was a matter of survival.

Now, with overcrowding becoming an issue, it’s safe for the human population to turn its attention towards something other than love. For example, action could be taken towards the conservation of endangered species or depleting forests. Instead, people are falling in love.

What love really brings is a hole in people’s wallets. Couples spend a large amount of money buying gifts and paying for dates. Relationships can cost a whole lot of money. The average U.S. wedding now-a-days is about $28,000 not including the honeymoon.

Two thirds of the ECHO staff proposes that this Valentine’s Day should be canceled. It’s a holiday made by money grabbing florists and card-makers. Instead Valentine’s Day should become a day dedicated to saving forests and endangered species.

As the J. Geils band put it, “Love stinks.”

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