Couples seek perfect place for V-day dates

Cal Lanouette
Sports Editor

Valentine’s Day is a day to share with that special person, and people wonder where would be good place to go with their significant others.

Junior Oliver Osburn said, “I think a good date or something to do with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) is to just stay at home and cook a dinner together. It’s a fun thing you could do with one another without having to go out.”

Making a dinner together would be an interactive activity. A date at home may not seem like a date at all sometimes, but it could be just what a couple needs if they feel like they have nothing to do.

If a couple does not feel a date at home will cut it for them, they might think about going out.

“I think both are good, and it’s hard to choose. Sometimes you want to stay in and have a chill night, but sometimes you want to go out and get or something,” said junior Olivia Rosemann. “I think I prefer going out though because I like to do new things.”

Some places or things to think about would be a dinner at a restaurant or maybe try going to the zoo or if both people have dogs, taking a walk through Forest Park on a nice day wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Zia’s, Charlie Gitto’s and Onesto’s are just a few of the many restaurants to choose from On The Hill and downtown St. Louis for a nice night out or dinner date.

Valentine’s Day is on a four-day weekend this year, so that leaves more time to do more things. It’ll still be winter, so Steinberg’s down in Forest Park or visiting the museums are ideas to consider.

There is the Run for the Chocolate 4k run on Saturday, Feb. 15. The race starts at 9 a.m. It’s $70 per person, and there are different race categories and: On the Market (Bachelors, Bachelorettes, Cougars, Manthers), Off the Market (Taken), Happy Couples (two-Person Team), and It’s Complicated (three-Person Team).

“I think my best date had to be when I went to a One Republic concert with my girlfriend,” said Osburn. “It was just something different, and concerts are almost always fun.”

Sometimes dates won’t turn out as planned, but that is not always what matters to people.

“I think as long as you are with that person who means a lot to you, it doesn’t matter what you do,” said junior Sarah Reinhart. That’s what a date is all about.

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