ECHO members attempt food challenge

Willie Zempel
Feature/Entertainment Editor

On a cold Monday night at 1401 St. Louis Ave., junior Cal Lanouette and sophomore Jack Killeen attempted the renowned Crown Candy Kitchen shake challenge.

The challenge entails that one must drink five shakes or malts of his/her choice in 30 minutes. If the challengers are caught throwing up, going to the bathroom or letting someone else drink their shake, they are disqualified. The challenge costs around $26 to attempt, but if it is completed, all the shakes are free.

The challenge was featured on the television show, “Man v. Food,” where the host Adam Richman only completed four of the five shakes.

Killeen currently had room to talk in the food challenge department after completing St. Louis Wing Company hot wing challenge, where he had to eat six ghost pepper wings in five minutes. Lanouette backed out due to what he said was a “sore throat.”

On Nov. 11, Lanouette looked for revenge after the constant mockery from peers.

At the start, Killeen and Lanouette looked at the five shakes with confidence. Killeen started strong, downing a shake within five minutes. Lanouette took it slow and steady. Killeen had a sudden halt while Lanouette kept going steady.

“My stomach felt like it was expanding, as if it were a marshmallow in a microwave,” Killeen said.

The shake drinking came to a standstill after about 20 minutes when neither could continue. Despite ongoing encouragement, Killeen and Lanouette refused to take another sip.

Lanouette finished with two-and-a-half-shakes, which is the average, according to the Crown Candy staff. Killeen finished with a measly one-and-a-half-shakes. Both were failures, but Lanouette won between the two.

“Technically, I destroyed Jack, because I drank one more milk shake than him, but sadly enough, I didn’t destroy the challenge,” Lanouette said. “I am looking forward to the next challenge.”

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