Staff Editorial: Loving our rivals, KWood

As the holidays near, Webster and Kirkwood students look forward to one thing: turkey day. Full of rivalry. Hateful rivalry or just high school fun?
The leaves start to fall from the trees, turkeys are selling out at the grocery stores and STUCO is staying late to put up Turkey Day decorations. A sense of school pride fills the halls and the whiff of a victory illuminates from every Statesmen jersey.
The biggest game of the year. Cheerleaders have been preparing for weeks, football players have been training since the start of the year.
Students have an arsenal full of insults made especially for our rivals, Kirkwood. When speaking on Webster’s rivalry with Kirkwood mixed opinions come out. Is it too much hate? Not enough hate? Or is it fine the way it is? Even the ECHO staff can’t come to an agreement about the rivalry.
While attending games were our opponent is Kirkwood, words get thrown around. But when Webster tries to replay we’re told by school staff that we shouldn’t respond to them in a way, and that we should be the bigger team. As we get slapped in the face by Kirkwood’s evil slurs.
The purpose of the friendship dance was to lessen the amount of hate, did it work? While it may have for that night, the moment that game starts rather it be football, basketball, soccer or lacrosse they no longer become our friends.
Although, it’s possible that Kirkwood and Webster students can be friends, and are in fact friends. When November 28th, noon at Lyons Stadium in Kirkwood. They are no longer friends. Their enemies, opponents, their rivals

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