Barnes & Noble hosts district book fair

A Halloween-themed display reminds students of the district-wide book fair held at Barnes and Noble Oct. 26-31.  (Photo by Bret Waelterman)

A Halloween-themed display reminds students of the district-wide book fair held at Barnes and Noble Oct. 26-31. (Photo by Bret Waelterman)

Bennett Durando
Contributing Writer

Webster schools are raising money with a book fair Oct. 26-31, at the Barnes & Noble bookstores in West County and Ladue.

“It is the first district-wide book fair Webster has held,” said Shannon Daniel, alumni relations assistant. “The schools will distribute the money made among school libraries and art/music programs in the district.”

“It’s going primarily to our libraries, obviously,” said Daniel. “It’s a percentage per kid thing. The funds are distributed by percentage, depending on the number of students in each school.”

In Ladue at 10 a.m., the entertainment begins with Webster’s special story time. Another public story time will be held an hour later.
At 1 p.m.. high school students will give musical performances at each bookstore. The Jazz I combos will perform in West County at this time.

Also in West County, the Jazz band will perform a small show.
Meanwhile in Ladue, senior and jazz band percussionist Gus Knobbe will give a special piano performance.

Band director Kevin Cole said, “Pat Voss has arranged all this for us; it is supposedly a benefit… to the arts.”
Knobbe is the only individual performer, but Cole also has a couple of combo bands playing, but not under his direction. “We have an assortment of student-led smaller bands,” said Cole.

Music, toys, and games are included in the festivities at Barnes & Noble also. The bookstores have cafes as well. The sales made from these will also go to the fundraiser, so anyone can contribute to improving our district’s art and library programs.
A mention code is included in a handout that can be requested from any high school librarian. The mention code can be used on line to enter raffles and get more involved in the activities at the book fair.

Pat Voss, alumni relations director, said about the October book fair, “Even though the money is primarily for library programs, there are funds really everywhere. Art, music, science, anyone really can chip in.”
Voss said, “It should be a great time. If people get involved, it could really be both successful and enjoyable. Orchestra people should be especially happy. I think in the music category there is specifically going to be a couple big string instruments bought.”

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