WGHS Winter Homecoming

Moriah Boyce
Contributing Writer

Winter Homecoming’s theme is Sadie Hawkins and will be Feb. 9, in the Roberts Gym at WGHS from 8 to 11 p.m.  Earnings will go to fund the junior class prom.

“I think the Winter Homecoming gives students something to look forward to this time of year,” Jenifer Tilling, SSD teacher, said.

Winter Homecoming has a court with a senior king and queen and underclass princes and princesses. The court is selected through teacher nominations. Teachers pick two boys and two girls for each class. The voting for the court takes place at the dance. One boy and one girl will win for each class. The king and queen are the picks from the senior class, and the princes and princesses are the picks from the junior, sophomore and freshmen classes.

Some students don’t like the new name for the Winter homecoming, as Gabby Berkley showed. Gabby Berkley, junior, said, “I liked it when it was called the Sweetheart dance because it’s near Valentine’s Day and I felt it was more appropriate.”

The theme for the homecoming is winter and is a Sadie Hawkins dance. A Sadie Hawkins dance means that the girls ask the guys. The Student Council decides on what it wants for a theme. The Student Council decorates for this dance. There will be a DJ. During the dance, and water will be available but no food.

James Lemay, Social Studies teacher, said, “Winter homecoming is an opportunity for the school to come together as a community and celebrate the season, but I’ve personally never been a fan of big dances, even though I was the Winter homecoming king my senior year at my high school. People got way too worked up about them and wasted a lot of money. I was pretty happy about being crowned, it made me feel kind of important, but looking back it wasn’t that big a deal.”

The normal school dress codes still apply with the dress requirements. The event is considered semi-formal. There are several things that are not acceptable like head coverings, bare midriffs, blue jeans or T-shirts. The girls need to have appropriate skirt lengths. The dresses can be strapless or spaghetti-strapped, as long as they are appropriate; they must not have extremely short skirts or low-cut dresses in either the front or back. The boys are to wear a collared shirt. Before the dance a formal letter detailing of what to wear will be sent out.

Tickets go on sale Jan. 28, and cost $10. On Feb. 7, they cost $12, and on Feb. 8, they will cost $15. There will not be any tickets sold at the door on the night of the dance.

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