Letter to Editor: Tribute to a budding journalist, praise for editor

I would like to finally praise Kevin Killeen for his dedication to the craft of journalism.  I met him four years ago when he interviewed me about the Special Education Department.  The interview was remarkable in that he really seemed to be listening to what I was saying, asked follow up questions that were not scripted on a pad in front of him and maintained eye contact throughout the conversation.

I figured he was on his way to the Mizzou Journalism School the next year, and I assumed he would do well, even if he was a little young looking.  I must say I was surprised when I saw him back at WGHS the next year and almost had cardiac arrest when he was back again the following year.

At that point, I looked him up in the computer and saw that he had only been a freshmen when I had that first encounter with him!  It has been a privilege just to see his involvement at Webster in many areas and his excellent work on the ECHO.  He just always had a level of maturity and poise beyond his years.  (After reading about his father in the “Webster/Kirkwood Times” a couple of weeks ago, I can see he must favor his mother. :))

I know he has been an inspiration to many students as well as to this staff member.  I wish him the best as he finally does move on to the next thing, whatever that may be.

Ms.  Jane Raimondo

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