These are a few of my favorite things!: Writer speaks on love for T-Day, Webster

Addie Conway

Opinion Columnist

(Graphic by Bret Waelterman)

Orange and red leaves, hot chocolate burning the roof of my mouth, and Turkey Day; these are a few of my favorite things.
I didn’t grow up in the Webster Groves school district; I went through private elementary and middle schools. I came to Webster Groves as a freshman, having no idea what to expect when Turkey Day came around.
Needless to say, I was stunned. The hallways, the theme days, the pep rally and the creation of the Turkey Day program, each creating a set of memories and experiences of everyone coming together  to create this sense of community. Once I got a taste of my first Turkey Day, I never looked back. Through Turkey Day, I became a part of the Webster Groves High School community, and I’ve been proud of my school, of our history and our 51 Turkey Day wins ever since.
My freshman year experiences of Turkey Day inspired me to become more involved with both Turkey Day and the school. I became more involved with the  ECHO, which has led to my place on the Friendship Court, co-editor of this year’s 2012 Turkey Day Program, and a spot on the dance team with our first Turkey Day game performance.
I’m excited that I get to participate in Turkey Day on so many levels: from being on the Friendship Court, to working with the Turkey Day Program and joining my team for our Pep Rally and Turkey Day performance. When I look back on my senior year, this is what I’m going to remember.
I’m also going to remember a 2012 Turkey Day win and the look of a full black and orange stadium. Black and orange always beats out red and white, especially when the red turns to brown from dirt and the white turns to green from grass, during the smackdown.
To be honest, I don’t even like football or know anything about it, but when Turkey Day comes around, it’s all I think about.
Turkey Day isn’t just about family. It’s about community. The entire Webster Groves and Kirkwood communities all come together during the Turkey Day celebrations, be it during the Friendship Dance, Spirit Week, the Chili Fest, the pep rally or the game itself. We support our teams- not just the football players but the band, the cheerleaders and the dance teams.
Come Turkey Day, it’s all about the Webster family…and a Webster win. Kirkwood can’t handle this much black and orange pride; trust me, I have so much of it, it’s coming out in waves.
Hold on, I think I’m having a pyschic moment. I see the Fisco Bell, being hugged by football players in black and orange, by parents in black and orange and by myself, in black and orange. I see red and white players walking off the field, hands holding the Little Brown Jug, as they rack their brains, trying to remember what the Frisco Bell looks like.
So long Kirkwood, the Frisco Bell has marked its place by the stairs at the Webster Groves High School.    Tis the season for a red and white loss, after all.
People think I’m crazy when I talk about our friendly  rivlary: “That crazy? In a high school game?” It’s not just a high school game; it’s a way of life. There, I’ve said it. Turkey Day is a way of life.
I’m proud to be a part of Turkey Day and proud to be known as a part of the Webster Groves High School student body. Six months from now, when I graduate, I’ll be proud to be known as a Webster Groves alumnus, and I’ll know that I will always come back for Turkey Day to cheer on my team. Whether we win or lose, but knowing we’ll be winning, I’m going to be standing there, screaming for Webster. Go Statesmen. Win that Frisco Bell.

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