WGHS Friendship Royalty elected

Aerin Johnson

Photo by Aerin Johnson
Kevin Killeen and DaRisha Heavens win King and Queen of the Friendship Dance for Webster at Kirkwood High School on Nov. 3.

Candidate Kevin Killeen and football candidate DaRisha Heavens were elected Webster’s King and Queen of the Friendship Dance on Nov. 3.

“I like it,” Heavens said about how she felt after becoming queen. “It’s my senior year.”

The two schools have come together since 1939 to celebrate the Friendship Dance, according to Shawn Buchanan Greene in his book, “Turkey Day Game Centennial 1907-2007.” Every year since then the student body has elected a queen from each school and since 2006, a king as well.

“I felt like Trimalchio from the satyricon,” said Killeen. He said he liked being one of the seven kings of the Friendship court. He is also happy to have a cool new ornament to put on his Christmas tree — referencing the scepter he got from winning.

Kirkwood voted Rachel Trout to be their friendship queen of 2012.

For each Friendship Court two seniors are chosen to run for seven different groups: band, cheerleading, dance team, ECHO, two different couples from football, SAA and Student Council.

This year the couples were: Irene Henry and Kobi Key for band; Cassie Gibbs and Marlon Peal for cheerleading; Libbi Pacatte and Mike Gulve for dance team; Killeen and Addie Conway for ECHO; Heavens, Zeb Bates, Anna Smothers and Sam Kraus for football; Jazlyn Stanciel and Darryl Westbrook for SAA; Carly Farah and Bryce Jackson for Student Council.

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