Dance Team lights way for Turkey Day Game

Libbi Pacatte, senior, Allie Jones, sophomore, Cathrine Wegescheide, senior, and Allison O’Brien, sophomore, practice in the hallway of Roberts gym for one of their performances for the Fall Sports Assembly.
(Photo by Olivia Rosemann)

Bret Walterman
Staff Writer

STEP team and the dance team have joined together to make a light show like no other. It was performed at the night assembly before the Turkey Day Game.

“We will be performing with glow sticks and our hands. We have two routines or the different shows. One for Turkey Game and another for the pep rally. This takes lots of time and practice,” Addie Conway, senior leader, said.

“The team has performed in the night show before Turkey Day Game and in the Turkey Day Game at half time since the beginning of Turkey Day,” Conway said.

Unfortunately, the dance team didn’t have enough dancers. The light show will still go on, however, with  contributions from STEP team members. The light show typically lasts about five to nine minutes, with  different types of music playing.

“We have been doing this ever since glow sticks were invented I guess,” Libbi Pacatte, senior, said.

The Turkey Day dance routine, which is the dance team’s main focus, is always different from the regular Varsity show dance.

The dancers practice a month before the actual game to learn the whole new routine. Though the routine remains a secret until the actual pep rally, this year the girls are dancing to a comic piece, a hip-hop piece, a pop piece and choreography focusing on this year’s group of senior Conway, Pacatte and Cathrine Wegeschiede. The dancers focus their performances for the  pep rally/game and the light show through October and practice until the night of the show.

“Our dance for Turkey Day is one of my favorites. Even though we practice so much, and it is very tiring, I still do it because the joy you get when it’s done is one you can’t get from any other sport,” Pacatte said.

“The girls are wonderful to work with. They all have different personalities, and that’s what made it so much fun,” head coach Keidra Pelloquin said.

Light show practice was on Tuesdays and Thursdays for two hours, and dance team practiced every day for  up to three hours in order to get the show perfect.

“It can get very overwhelming, but when it’s over it’s the best feeling,” Pacatte said

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