Student discusses heavy burden of child, school work

Becoming pregnant through high school can change someone’s plans for the rest of their life. A Webster student shares her experience and discusses how it affected her.

Everyone has challenges in life. To me, the challenge for motherhood was the most difficult and rewarding I ever faced in life. It was difficult because before she was born, lots of people told me I shouldn’t keep her, and there would be no more fun and games, once I had a baby.

It was a really hard thing for me to go to school, work and have a person inside me. People at school always stared at me and looked at me differently because I was a pregnant teen in high school.

Only my mom and grandmother were supportive through all of this. They were there no matter what the case was. If I needed someone, I knew I could count on them too. Now that my grandmother has passed, I only have my mom to depend on, and she still takes care of me.

My challenges are to wake up every morning, get myself ready for school and see [my baby] ready for the day. My long term goal is to get to school on time and make good grades. I do my best to be proactive. If I know I am going to be absent, I will ask my teacher in advance for my assignments so I can stay caught up in class.

Besides just the day to day, there’s also the fear she may be sick some days because she is growing into a toddler and cutting teeth, which means fevers and so on.

It’s also a really big challenge on money because I go to school for eight hours and don’t have a job at this time. It’s a lot of stress on my part because I have to do what needs to be done [for me], but I also have to make time to be a mother.

Of all my challenges that I’ll ever face, this is one of the most rewarding I’ve had in my lifetime so far. I love my daughter, and I really do appreciate the time I spend with her with getting to watch her grow into a little girl and being here to teach her wrong from right.

After all the challenges and struggles, I’m still standing tall and doing what I have to do as a mom.

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