Administrators revise parking

The senior lot of the past is now the faculty lot. (photo by Phillip Solari)

Phillip Solari

As Webster High School went through many renovations, so did the parking lots.

The “senior lot” of former years is now the faculty lot, and the faculty lot and junior lot of years passed is for juniors and seniors. Some Webster Groves students went to the extreme to receive a parking pass this year. Juniors Lucy Leonard and Alexis Harman camped out at the school from 3 a.m. to get their passes.

“We did it because seniors have first dibs on parking passes, and knowing how many kids in my grade already have cars, we decided to get there before anyone. It was worth it,” Leonard said.

The new student lots is an advantage to students because it is  much closer to the junior and senior entrances.

“(The new lot placement is) an advantage to the faculty because we can supervise the lots better, and students are closer to the school. Also, Webster U. students don’t want to park that far from their campus, so there is no more concern for college students using our lots,” said, principal Jon Clark.

Selma is still a two-way Street after school hours, but staff encourages students to turn right out of the lots because of the bus pickups and traffic. Although this creates more traffic and a longer wait to get out of the parking lot, it may cut down on accidents.

“There are 40 more spots this year, and everyone who wanted a parking pass now has one,” said Clark. With construction over, the spots along Selma and other streets nearby are free for students who do not have a parking pass.

Different rules do apply this year that pertain to the parking lots including the doors being locked after 8 a.m by the new security system. Seniors may always leave for lunch

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