Staff members lose over 100 pounds each

On left, Assistant principal John E. Thomas in 2009, weighed 320 pounds. He now weighs 232 pounds. On right, TLC staff member Dan Broshears weighed 265 pounds around November 2010. He now weighs 173 pounds. (Photos courtesy of John E. Thomas and Dan Broshears)

 Two staff members took the challenge and lost over 100 pounds each in a period of two years.

Aerin Johnson
Staff Writer

Over the past two years, assistant principal John E. Thomas has lost 110 pounds through diet and exercise.

After a health scare in 2009, Thomas decided it was time to lose some weight. He quit eating a lot of food, ate portion controlled meals and started to work out more, which included running. Thomas is not part of a weight program and had no one else do it with him.

“At this time, there are no organized weight loss programs at the high school,” said secretary Colleen Sweeny. “Weight Watcher groups for district staff have met in the past at the high school or in the board room/administration building, but there is no group scheduled this semester.”

The district’s staff members are invited to walking challenges, can get discounts on fitness programs, and join Weight watchers.

“Some small incentives have been provided for previously held walking challenges. The main benefit of wellness programs is improved health,” said Sweeny.

It was hard for him though. He also had a hard time with running again. He used to do it when he was younger, but stopped because he felt he was too old, Thomas said

It was also hard for him around the holidays. Director of student services for the district, John M. Thomas, recently sent a list to teachers about how to be healthy during the holiday season. One way was to eat a snack before going to parties. Another was to have healthy food at a party. One should also make sure not to over indulge in food. A person should also make sure that they stay active no matter what.

“I don’t want to lose anymore (weight),” said E. Thomas. He wants to maintain his current weight right now.

Kevin Killeen

 Since March 9, 2011, TLC staff member, women’s swimming coach and women’s soccer coach Dan Broshears has gone from 260 pounds, to “a comfortable” 173 pounds, through sheer diet and exercise.

Broshears said his primary motivation to lose weight was to be a better example for his teams. He recalls that his final turning point, during a women’s soccer “Morning Madness” practice.

“As I watched them do all the running, I decided I could drop a couple of pounds,” Broshears said. “I realized I should probably be a better example for the teams.”

 Broshears was on a doctor-supervised “very low calorie diet.”

For a five-week period, he only ate up to 500 calories a day and ran four to five times a week. However the results showed immediately, as he lost 12 pounds the first week.

“We used to feed him anything, but now he only drinks his ‘special shakes,’” said Junior soccer player Abbey Paloucek. “I really respect him for what he did, and I’m proud of him.”

“It wasn’t that bad,” Broshears said. “You feel yourself getting better everyday, so you just keep doing what you’re doing.”

However, Broshears insists the hardest part is yet to come as he has to maintain his weight. He is now intaking 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day and running or walking four times a week.

“Now I’ve got to do it myself,” said Broshears. “It’s a little difficult, and I probably ate a little too much at Thanksgiving.”

Since dieting, Broshears’s life has changed dramatically. He ran in the “Rock’n Roll” half-marathon with his wife in October. He even says certain foods taste different after eating so healthy for so long.

For those looking to lose weight, Broshears advices, “You have to make a plan and make a commitment. It might make things a little difficult, but it’s worth it in the end.”

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