St. Louis celebrates its world champions

St. Louis Cardinal, Jaime Garcia takes a victory lap during the Cardinal parade. (Photo by Kelli Lowry)

Kelli Lowry
Staff Writer

St. Louis and its fans honored their Cardinals with a traditional victory parade on Sunday, Oct 29.

The parade was on Market Street in downtown Saint Louis and ended at Busch Stadium for a closing celebration.

Sophomore Alondra Ayala attended the parade and said, “It was super fun. My favorite part was seeing David Freese and Yadier Molina.”

The parade started at 4 p.m. with the Busch Clydesdales escorting Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa on their chariot. The crowd was thrilled at the sight of the winning manager.

Next came the owners and general managers followed by the players and their families riding high in the back of Ford trucks.

Each player was overjoyed soaking up the energy and praise of the proud crowd. Some players even filmed on their phones the crowds reactions as they cruised down the street.

The crowd pushed and shoved to make its way to get a picture of the players.

The atmosphere of the parade was unforgettable and timeless. It felt like everyone was one when supporting Saint Louis’ baseball team. The experience will be carried out within every attendee’s life when he or she remembers the day they celebrated the Cardinals’ victory.

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