New program helps those in need

Canned donations are collected in room 182 for Pass-it-forward. Their goal is to colledct 760 canend goods to donate to charity.Josh Willis
Staff Writer

Pass-it-Forward is exactly what it sounds like: get something or donate anything to Pass-it- Forward which gives it on to someone whom is really in need.

This month Chad Weston, ISS supervisor, who runs the program is going for a total donation of 760 cans of different food items and will take them to a local food bank.

“Pass-it-Forward was something I started a while ago and it’s just me and some volunteers doing something nice for someone,” Weston said.

“Good way to help the people in need, it makes you feel good about what your doing,” said sophomore Jesse Pinkner.

“It’s a positive way to give back to the people that don’t have everything, and it’s a good way for teens to give back and a great positive thing that you can learn from; it’s an amazing way to help the people in need,” senior Cleveland Marshall said.

Pass-it-Forward has helped in all different regions, and it only started last year. The group has helped victims of Missouri tornadoes. Pass-it-forward has done clean up.

The Webster baseball team has collected clothing for Berkley’s tornado victims.

Last Christmas, Weston started adopting a family, and Pass-it-Forward has taken in things like clothing, money and food to give to the family.

Pass-it-Forward is open to anyone; it’s just for those who feel like they have something to give and who want to give back.

“I started this program last year, and it’s just to do something nice for some, in need maybe once or twice a month,” Weston said.

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