Teachers, students volunteer to move furniture

Nicholas Kirschman's fourth hour class works in the only lab available. (Photo by Samantha Brown)

Juliana Kehoe and Samantha Brown
Staff Writers

Over winter break, Frank Mandernach, Industrial Tech teacher, only took one day off from moving of the furniture from the side of the building that will be getting torn down to the little church across the street.

 Some classes will be in the commons, and the district is hiring contractors to build a shop in the courtyard area, which means less eating space and possibly more distraction for students.

“I think that with the shop space in the courtyard, and just all the construction going on in general, is going to be distracting during class while we’re trying to learn,” said sophomore James Wunderlich.

Shop classes have searched for a place to go with all of their supplies, tools, equipment and projects. Other people who have helped are Glenn Dutch and Tom O’Toole.

According to senior Mike Paschen, who has helped with the move, a lot of benches still need to be moved.

“First of all, [Mandernach] said it was voluntary, we didn’t have to move anything if we didn’t want to, and if we didn’t move anything, we worked on our projects, but the faster we moved, the faster we got our temporary place and all that good stuff,” said Paschen. “There was a lot of necessary stuff that needed to be moved.”

Since the computer lab on the side of the building that is going to get torn down is unavailable at the moment, teachers are getting on the list to use the A plus lab as quickly as possible.

“We’ve been filled up every week, every hour,” said CJ Fischer about the classes that need to work on computers. “Right now its first come, first serve, and then you have to sign up for later dates.”

About if having only one computer lab was delaying the students work time, Fischer said that so far, there haven’t been any problems with that because of the laptop carts that teachers have the options to use.

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