January brings new music from alternative artists

Brandon Carroll
Entertainment/Feature Editor

Alternative rock/indie bands CAKE, Cage the Elephant and the Decemberists have new albums out in January.

The “genre-less” band CAKE is releasing its first studio album in seven years, while Cage the Elephant is releasing the follow up to its 2008 self-titled debut album.

Showroom of Compassion is the latest studio release by CAKE, an alternative rock band who released its first studio album in the early 90s. iTunes deems CAKE as either alternative or progressive rock, but the band says it wishes to remain “genre-less.”

Showroom is a brilliant return to the music world for CAKE since its 2004 release, Pressure Chief. From the hard rock sound of the track “Federal Funding” to the lighthearted alternative sound of it’s new hit single “Sick of You” this new album is an impressive follow up for the band. Showroom of Compassion was released on Jan. 11, and is available on iTunes for $9.99.

Cage the Elephant’s new album Thank You Happy Birthday is the follow up to its 2008 self-titled debut album.

Thank You Happy Birthday takes Cage the Elephant’s alternative/punk/blues sound to a different level, being classified by some music distributors as “funk/clatter.” The album is a powerful return for Cage the Elephant, and a decent follow up to its first album which made the iTunes Top 10 under alternative rock in 2008 and 2009. Thank You Happy Birthday’s different, lighter sound may turn some fans of the original album away, yet it will appeal to a different crowd. Thank You Happy Birthday was released Jan. 11, and is also available for $9.99 on iTunes.

The Decemberists released its latest album The King Is Dead on Jan. 18.

The indie/folk rock group form Portland, Oregon released its first album in 2001, an EP titled Five Songs. Since then, the band has grown popularity in a sort of indie/folk rock sub-culture. The single Down By the Water, which was released in early January is a fast-paced blend of acoustic guitars and a poetic chorus covered by soft harmonica and accordion. The album continues the same Decemberists style of storytelling, while bringing new life to their same sound.  The album came out Jan.18, and is available from iTunes for $9.99.

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