Common Sense: Reader reveals test dangers

It has been brought to my humble attention that a villian is among us. The fear and destruction that it leaves in its wake can be heard in the crack of the pencil and the psychotic breakdown of a poor sleep deprived student. This villain, an adversary that I, Quill, will so bravely take on, is known as the Test: what is this common sense?
Why does the adminstration test us? Every week I have one. Pounding on my head like a weight. Do these small tid bits of Guantanmo-istic tourture really prove what we know?
I ask the adminstration again, why dost thou test us? We know who sailed the ocean blue in 1492-Barbie and Ken in their new dream boat, that’s who! Who really cares what ‘E’ equals? I cannot tell you how tiring the filling of every answer with a “B!” We know our name so why is that always the first question you ask us? Is this the new common sense we have called for, or is the adminstration not listening?
Do you know how many tests we take a year? I would really love to know the answer; I am sure it is quite a lot. Back to the villain and common sense!
Does the adminstration have any empathy for the poor teachers that must grade each foe? I may say that teachers are not to blame; they are stuck grading the remains of our liquid brains.
I will leave you with this because, well, Mr. Cashel has given me yet another villanious test. Wish my TV-driven brain good luck. That is, my common sense.
Quill  (name withheld at request)

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