Senior linebacker leads football team to 2nd straight title game

Senior Jason Meehan takes a breather during the third quarter of the State championship game against Lee’s Summit West. The Statesmen went on to lose that game 44-21. The loss broke the 27-game winning streak the Statesmen held. (Photo by Felisha Smith)

Jimmy Rizzo
Staff Writer

Four-year Varsity football player Jason Meehan has helped lead the Statesmen to a winning streak of 27 games since October 2008.

Meehan is the starting middle linebacker for Varsity.
 Starting in the seventh, grade, Meehan has had a successful football career at Webster; he has also had success in academics, maintaining a grade point average of 3.7.

“Playing on one of the best teams out there is a huge inspiration to perform every night I go on the field,” said Meehan. “My brother was an inspiration for me to start playing football also.” 

Meehan added football and any other sport for that matter teaches people a good work ethic and the ability to deal with success and failure properly. Football also helps build self-confidence and allows one to learn many other things one can never learn in a classroom.

Meehan has received many awards which include being the Class 5 player of the state for the defensive line and player of the year in Metropolitan area and he was also the Statesmen winner for football.

Meehan said, “I have to do the right thing, represent the team everywhere I go, set examples for other players by showing up every day and working hard and always working hard because they count on me, and I count on them. We’re a successful team because we can rely on each other and work together so well.”

Head football coach Clifford Ice said, “The middle linebacker is like the quarterback of the defensive line, and Jason has a knack for making big plays in this position. He also gets our defensive line in the right position for every play.” He added, “Jason is a good kid with a lot of skill just like many other players on the team, and when you have good kids plus skill the outcome is success.”

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