Banning of Trench Coats causes frustration

Junior Nate Weiss is one of the students who are opposed to the trenchcoat ban.

Brandon Carroll
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Serenity Barron
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Trench coats and pajama pants have been added to the list of prohibited clothing at school.

A small group of students express strong feelings about the recent changes to the dress code as of this year.

“There aren’t a lot of people who wear them (trench coats) every day, but there are a lot of people who would like to wear them occasionally,” said Junior Nate Weiss.

Weiss added that some people who still wear the coats are partaking in civil disobedience; when one breaks the rules to protest when they feel that their rights have been unjustly taken away or violated. Even with the ban, some teachers remain nervous.

Teachers and faculty have expressed concern at some students who persist in wearing trench coats.

“I watch when I have students in my class that still do, or that have done it (wearing trench coats),” said chemistry teacher, Margret Skouby. “I weigh what I already know about the student verses what they’re doing.”

According to assistant principal John Raimondo, the trench coats were banned this year in order to prevent concealment of weapons.

Most of the paranoia created by trench coats came from the April 20, 1999 Columbine High School massacre, in which two students came to school one day wearing trench coats with a pre-meditated plan to bomb the school and kill as many fellow students as possible. As their bombing plan began to fail, the pair pulled semi-automatic handguns and rifles from their coats and opened fire.

In the wake of Columbine, questions were not only raised about gun control in the U.S. but about school rules regarding bullying, dress code and general conduct.

“The people who did that (Columbine) ruined trench coats for everybody,” commented Weiss. “If they had worn t-shirts and shorts, those things would not be frowned upon.”

“You never know what’s happening in somebody’s head,” said Junior Cole Harris. “I don’t like to judge people, but I be thinkin’ it’s kind of weird.”

“Whether they are doing it to be threatening or if they are doing it just to be cool, I am aware that those kids could be a problem,” Said Skouby.

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  1. Many schools are taking action by outlawing the wearing of trench coats…Students who do not comply may be suspended or even arrested…John Leavitt public relations officer for Colorado Springs School District 11 told free! that his district already had a policy allowing school officials to ban clothing that was disruptive and that negatively affected the school environment and now trench coats fall into that category… Now a student wearing a black trench coat walking across campus is a very frightening thing Leavitt said.

  2. Very interesting! This is a prime example of what professional journalism should be. Timeless. It is evident this fine establishment has a fantastic adviser.

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