Principals break up rap battles

Rap off
Freshmen Bri’on Sanders and Chris Endicott watch a rap battle in the court yard. (Photo by Reece Hartsfield)

Serenity Barron
Staff Writer

First lunch rap battles have been discontinued by the administration. This ruling has brought some debate.

These battles would start first with a small group of people and then others would crowd around and start beat boxing said freshman Chris Endicott aka Vitamin C.

Students were told not to use inappropriate words.

“We use no profanity,” said Endicott.

“What gets said is not always appropriate,” said assistant principal John E. Thomas.

“Offensive things are said,” said Coach Jerry Collins.  “One of the boys got very upset about what was said in one of the raps.”  Collins added, “The raps get everyone too worked up.”

“The rap battles are not ideal to keep a calm environment,” said Thomas.

“Also we get complaints from teachers in above classrooms over the noise level,” said Thomas.

To the lunch monitors the rap offs might seem like just a nuisance, but the people involved disagree.

D.J. Sizzles Sal Mancuso, freshman, said, “We could come out and smoke pot, but instead we get together as a family and rap.”

“It’s a free country,” said Endicott.

Mancuso added, “Normal court yard activities are about a 17.5 on the gnarly scale, but rap battles is a 16.” These rap battles give people a chance to let off steam and have a break from school but now they have been but to an end.

“When you look at the rap battle from the outside, it may look like a fight, but if you get up close, you can tell it’s not a fight,” said senior Dante Yokley.

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