Trick or Treating: Thing of the past?

Halloween Poll
Sixty-two students took part in this Halloween poll.

Samantha Brown
Staff Writer

Should high school students still trick or treat? Sophomore Kimberly Kloss said so. “I think, ‘Yes, you are never too old.’”

The debate between high schoolers still goes on whether they should trick or treat or not. It is mostly just up to the person. What they choose to do, they choose.

Growing up, children all over the country, even world, have dressed in costumes and gone door to door, begging for candy, telling jokes and playing tricks on neighbors.

“I think high schoolers should just go to parties,” senior Jennifer Matthews said.

Sophomore Emma Buckles said, “No one trick or treats in high school; they just go to parties.”

Sometimes a little of both isn’t all bad. Go out for a little while then come home, party and indulge in candy.

Senior Noah Jones said high schoolers should still go trick or treating, “Everyone deserves candy.”

Freshman Emma Lingle said, “I don’t think we should trick or treat. Let the little kids have all the candy.”

Freshman Melanie Grasso said, “Yes. I think high schoolers should still trick or treat because it is fun, and you get free candy. Ha, I don’t see how free candy is such a little kid thing.”

Junior Molly Dougan said, “You shouldn’t trick or treat after 13 years old, max.”

Others say you’re never too old to trick or treat.

People are never too old, but the older someone gets, the less fun it actually is, but it is all a different idea for everyone.

Freshman Rachel Mehringer said, “You should stop at age 12. That way you are not a teenager yet, and they are still immature enough to actually dress up.”

In Belleville, IL, trick or treating is allowed from 5 to 8:30 p.m. for children in eighth grader and younger. Children also 12 years or younger cannot have a mask on or anything covering their face. The purpose of the Belleville Halloween Ordinance is to make the single mothers and seniors not frightened at late night scares.

This Halloween, be sure to be safe and smart while you trick or treat and/or party. Remember when you are out anywhere; always have a buddy or group, be respectful to everyone and stay smart when at parties. Don’t hurt yourself and others by any mistakes you might make.

The opinions of all students are different for this topic. It is just up to the person or group, what to do on Halloween

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