Women’s golf team doubles in size

2009 tournament.
Junior Jordan Thompson tees off at a 2009 tournament. (Photo provided by Jerry Collins)

Brandon Carroll
Entertainment Editor

Women’s golf team has doubled in size for the 2010-2011 school year.
The team has already placed third in a tournament against nine other schools at Sunset Lakes Golf Course the week of Sept. 13.
Other schools like Kirkwood, Rockwood Summit have women’s golf teams.
“My family always golfed, and it didn’t involve catching or running or anything” said sophomore Sara Murphy.

There hasn’t always been a women’s golf team, and the team has never been as big as it is this year.

“When I was a Freshman,” said senior Emma Flick, “there was no girl’s golf team.”

Now, there’s a JV team and a Varsity team at WGHS, and the team has grown from three people when it first started to 14 people now. Seven people are currently on Varsity.

“There’s a lot more freshmen this year,” said Junior Jordan Thompson.

A few of the golfers have been interested in the sport their whole lives.

“My dad played golf like his whole life. I started when I was like three,” sophomore Alex Zrenner said.

Playing golf offers some benefits.

“People play golf because there’s a lot of scholarships are open [to them],” said Thompson.

Thompson added there aren’t many women’s sports scholarships available, and that few other schools have offered this program until lately.

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