ECHO Newscast: April 10, 2015

Business manager Alex Ring and circulation manager De’Andre Scott bring the headlines in this week’s newscast.  Also entertainment editor Irene Ryan and web editor Phoebe Mussman interview students about Activities Day. It’s a little longer this time because of video… Read More ›

ECHO Newscast: March 13, 2015

Opinion editor Andy Kimball and sports editor Cal Lanouette bring this week’s headlines: “Women’s History Month Showcase,”  math teacher Justin Mathes, Sponsors of School Publications and summer school.

ECHO Newscast: February 11, 2015

Video/graphics editor Bret Waelterman and circulation manager De’Andre Scott bring this week’s headlines: Coach Jay Blossom sets record, coffee shop opens on campus, toys sold to raise money for local shelters and introducing the newest permanent sub, Bri Kuss.

ECHO Newscast: February 6, 2015

Junior editor Jack Killeen and feature editor Willie Zempel bring this week’s headlines and the first food challenge of  the year. Stories include signing day, the All-Write writing competition and a fundraiser for local  animal  shelters.

ECHO Newscast: Jan. 30, 2015

Business manager Alex Ring and sports columnist Bennett Durando bring this weeks headlines: Winter Homecoming Dance Royal Court, alumni band concert, choir concert, Chelsea Experiential Learning Center opportunities, Rachel Sondag’s basketball milestone and men’s basketball.

Video: Statesmen honor veterans

Each year, veterans are honored at Webster Groves High School and invited to share their experiences with social studies students. Social studies teachers Terry Verstraete and Betty Roberts with alumni relations coordinator Pat Voss organized the events.

ECHO Newscast: November 20, 2014

Video editor Bret Waelterman and sports editor Cal Lanouette share the week’s headlines about the soccer State championship, fall sports awards, the current play “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse,” and next week’s ChiliFest and community pep rally.

ECHO Newscast for Oct. 31, 2014

Web editor Bret Waelterman and circulation manager De’Andre Scott share information about Friendship Dance, Veteran’s Day, drama’s production of “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” and “Turkey Day.”

ECHO Newscast: October 16, 2014

Editor-in-chief Aerin Johnson and business manager Alex Ring share this week’s news about Run4Webster, the fall play Neil Simon’s “Rumors” and Coming Out Day.  Also a club profile of Gay-Straight Alliance is presented.