No charges filed in car crash that injured student

Alex Ring
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According to the police incident report, Willie Green’s car hit Xander Wohlstader’s at the intersection of Chouteau and Jefferson Avenues.
According to the police incident report, the car Willie Green was driving hit the car Xander Wohlstader was driving at the intersection of Chouteau and Jefferson Avenues.

With dry roads and clear weather, 26-year-old Willie Green, driving his father’s silver 2002 Mercedes-Benz C240 without a license or proof of insurance, crashed into the car of Xander Wohlstadter and fled the scene the night of New Year’s Eve, according to the official Metropolitan Police Incident Report.

Today, March 31, is the three-month anniversary of this accident.

Wolhstadter died on the scene, and junior Emma Casey, who was in the passenger seat of Wohlstadter’s car, was seriously injured in the crash.

On the incident report, the offense is labeled as a “non-criminal incident,” but that is only referring to the initial car accident. The events following are still under open investigation.

No charges have been filed, and police would not comment saying it is an ongoing investigation.

According to the circuit attorney’s office, “These types of accident reconstruction investigations can take anywhere from three to 18 months to conclude, based upon available evidence, lab analysis reports, reconstructions reports and witness identification.”

The front of Green’s car hit the driver side of Wohlstadter’s car that then spun and hit two southbound vehicles sitting at the light. This occurred in the Lafayette Square neighborhood at the four-way intersection of Chouteau and South Jefferson Avenues.

The responding officer listed in the report was Officer Eric S. Moran, and the reviewing officer was Frederick M. Lathan. Officer Moran answered the call about the accident at 9:32 p.m.


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