Counselor hopes to run marathons in all 50 states

Counselor Nichole Anastasio works in her office.  (Photo by Andy Kimball)

Counselor Nichole Anastasio works in her office. (Photo by Andy Kimball)

Andy Kimball
Contributing Writer

Nichole Anastasio, counselor, likes running and wants to run a marathon in all 50 states.

So far she has run in five: Phoenix, AZ; Chicago, IL; South Bend, IN; Boston, MA; and Portland, OR, but a hip injury had kept her from running as much during first semester.

Anastasio said, “Before my injury, I was running a marathon every eight months.”

If she ran a marathon every eight months starting this September, then she would finish running a marathon in all 50 states in September of 2043. Only 3,127 people have ran a marathon in at least 10 states, let alone 50; only a couple hundred have run a marathon in all 50 states, according to

Anastasio has always been a counselor. She grew up in South Bend, IN, and went to Indiana University where she got her teaching degree. She said she wanted to be a counselor because she likes working with children.

She moved to Missouri and was a counselor at Mehlville before Dan Sebben, men’s cross country coach retired, as a counselor. Anastasio, who wants to be a cross country and track coach, got the job she wanted.

She wanted to work in Webster because “I’ve heard so many great things about Webster, and it’s a place in Missouri where I have always wanted to live… so I went for the (counseling) job here, and I got it.” This being her first year, she didn’t know the teachers that well, but said, “I look up to the whole counseling staff here.”

Coming from South Bend, Anastasio was “a true Hoosier,” but she also is a Chicago Cubs fan. She said she would go watch games at Wrigley Field with her family riding the “L” train.

Anastasio said  she is fully aware of Webster being Cardinals Country, and she doesn’t wear a lot of Cubs clothing at work or out in public. Anastasio said. “When my sister, who is a Cubs fan, is in town, I never take her out in public with Cubs stuff on.”

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