Video: ECHO sophomore emerges victorious in wing eating challenge

ECHO business manager Jack Killeen beat the St. Louis Wing Co. Ghost Chili Challenge  at  Sept. 9, as part of a series of food challenges that he and junior Cal Lanouette hope to complete during the school year.

Killeen received a T-shirt and a $10 gift certificate for being able to complete the challenge.

Two years ago, four brave WGHS participants WGHS took part in the St. Louis Wing Co., Ghost Chili Challenge.

Two, advisor Donald Johnson and ECHO friend Ethan Schwartz, succeeded in eating the six ghost pepper flavored wings in five minutes without water or paper towels and then waiting another five minutes to win the T-shirts and glory.

Participants had to sign a waiver, which warned the hot wings had a Scoville rating of 500,000 to 1 million — these wings were hot!

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