Future Leaders follow-up from summer

Anthony Gilmore
Contributing Writer

Freshmen had a Future Leaders follow-up about bullying on Activity Day.

During the summer, the incoming freshmen attended Future Leaders for a week on July 9 through 12.

During that week the freshmen split up into teams: Blue Barracudas, Green Machine, Red Rangers, White Lightning, Orange Crush, Purple Peacocks, Yellow Jackets and Black Panthers.

On April 9, to start off the day, the freshmen watched a slideshow and a video about bullying. Then they went off into different classes and took a tour of the high school.

When they got back to the class, they played a lot of different games. Then they went to lunch and played more games.

Freshman Bryce Mclean, who was on the Orange Pod, said, “Future Leaders introduced me to the high school and helped me meet new friends and teachers.” He said he enjoyed the games and overall had a good experience.

Mclean advised to incoming freshman, “I recommend Future Leaders because it helps you learn the school.”

Freshman Avery Partridge was on the Blue Pod. He thought Future Leaders was fun and helpful. He did say though, “The tour guides didn’t really know school well enough to give a good tour.”

Partridge added he had a good overall experience and advised, “I think all freshmen should come to this because it helps you get to know a lot of new people and teachers.”

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