Monument wall could help unleash student creativity

Austen Klein

After a year’s worth of hard studying, students need to ventilate for pressing onward with their year, and a monument established for this purpose of the students is desirous.

Creativity is downright adorable.  Student expression varies, but the “freedom” involved in students’ art is disappearing – too many “rules” limit creativity. In some hideous form of withdrawal, students unable to reach their artistic potential, desperately resort to drawing on wooden tables and bathroom walls.

While bathroom drawings may seem innocent enough, its presence in public rest rooms is inappropriate – save it for something else. In fact, bathroom artists are victims – creatures of creative restriction. No sane humans would resort to drawing crude things on the wall, unless they’re advocating anarchy.

In response to this problem, students need an appropriate place – a large random object, such as a wall that would be the canvas of their wonderful imaginations – which they would be able to draw things on, instead of the bathroom wall.

Virtually no studies show that a wall like this will reduce student delinquency at the school, but one should have good faith in fellow humanity, darn it!

Less than more than likely not, teachers should have to worry about student created images.

The wall will serve as a concrete symbol to liberty. Any obstruction of a student’s use of liberty to the wall is an obstruction of liberty itself and must be dealt with by the school police officer.

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