Senioritis blues: Seniors struggle to get through year

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“Senioritis: A crippling disease that hits most high school students, with symptoms like laziness, being unable to study and excessive wearing of old athletic clothes,”-defined by

Let’s not joke around here. Senioritis is a real thing, and it’s hitting hard this year. Honestly, who can blame me? I’m looking forward to spring break, prom, graduation, summer and college.

Questions like, “Why study for a math test when I could be going to Smoothie King?” or “Why write that English paper when I could be taking a nap?” can’t seem to stop floating across my brain.

My case of senioritis is so bad; I think I might need a doctor for it. It’s not just hitting me-it seems to hit the rest of my class as well.

It’s a real problem and our teachers don’t seem to understand that senioritis is a real thing. Sure, we could work, but we could also sit on the soccer field with plates of cookies too.

Let’s get real here. Obviously we all have to shape up and do our work because we still want to graduate, so then it becomes a serious dilemma: do our work and graduate or take a nap after getting a delicious smoothie?

Maybe this is just a March thing or a pre-break thing, but seriously, is there a cure for this, besides graduation? Maybe we seniors will get really lucky, and another snow day will get called, leading us to be able to watch movies like “Ferris Buller’s Day Off” (perhaps the ultimate senioritis movie) and blow off some steam.

Well, a snow day was called and my senioritis still didn’t get better. The snow day may have made it worse, because now I practically live in sweatpants and my comfortable clothes. Jeans? Nope, I haven’t seen those since December, when I heard from my last college.
At the heart of it, isn’t that the real issue surrounding senioritis? After all, most of us know where we’re going, even if we don’t know what we’re majoring in, and it’s difficult to concentrate when you’re busy looking to the next step in your life.

This case of senioritis might be so bad it seems to be hitting the rest of the high school too. Every day I walk through the halls and hear things like “Hey, did you study for that vocab quiz?” “Ahh, no I totally forgot! My senioritis is so bad.”

Spring break might be the cure, and I’m sure hoping it is, but it might just be a temporary relief. I’m sure by the time this column comes out, everyone will be back in class, struggling to stay awake through lectures or thinking about the pizza they could be eating during their free period. I’m not sure what it is about senioritis (maybe it’s another symptom?), but for some reason, I always get extremely hungry.

I’m hoping we can get through the rest of the school year and get to graduation, without our senioritis getting in the way.
For teachers and administrators, if you see me with a wide-eyed vacant look, you’ll know that senioritis finally got me, that I’ve become a second-semester senior zombie, and there’s a possibility I may not recover.

I’d probably continue writing this column, but frankly, my senioritis got in the way, and I can no longer continue writing this column. I’d like to think that your senioritis didn’t kick in either and that you could keep reading this, but let’s just get real: I’ll see you at Smoothie King in 10.

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